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Waiter with Mask

COVID-19 Guidelines

Our personal chefs are all trained and have certifications in food safety, even in normal times its our highest priority to keep guests safe from illness and are rigorously trained to prevent the spread of disease however, with the ongoing COVID-19 concerns we have updated protocols to keep you and our chefs safe.

We are continuing to monitor the ongoing situation, and make updates, based on official guidance from federal and local health authorities.


If you or someone in your home has tested positive, is showing symptoms, or suspect the may have had contact with COVID-19 please call to cancel the appointment


We will wear masks at your home or apartment during our visit


We will use gloves as prescribed in servesafe guidelines. This means will will only handle Ready-to-Eat foods with gloves. Its important to note that as chefs we need to use our bare hands to handle food much of the time, but you will notice us following proper washing techniques between each task


Self Checks will be preformed and documented by the chefs daily before arriving in your home.

Cleaners and Towels 

While we will be preforming the cleaning at the end of service. You may notice us do a quick sanitizing spray before starting on the handles and surface. We ask that you help keep cleaners, paper towels, hand soap, and sanitizers stocked for us, if you need we can added to the shopping list

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