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Why hire a personal chef during the Pandemic

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

It’s certainly unfortunate that the reason personal chefs have come to the fore front of the food and beverage industry is because the pandemic, COVID-19, has wreaked havoc on the industry. Many chef’s attempting to find stability move to the personal chef business but more so it’s because it who we are. Close a restaurant where does a true cook or chef go? Back to cooking. We still love and are passionate about food we want you to enjoy food, and do not want people to lose expectations of what good food should be. So why should you hire one:

We keep you safe! Chef are trained either formally, through certified programs like ServeSafe (as the Cowboy Chef is), or informally about food safety. Viruses, Bacteria, microorganisms in general are something we are completely cognizant of to keep food safe. I’d even argue most chefs consider food safety more important than any other aspect of cooking to include taste or presentation. We adhere to it because if you are not safe you cannot enjoy the food. We have adapted our standards to this new virus, this is still nothing new to us, and we stick to making sure we prevent pathogens from spread by doing things like handling ready-to-eat foods with gloves.

Reduce Contact during this time. You still want good food, and you don’t have the time to go out, your likely going to find a way to eat out or a drive-through. Even in the best of cases that is three other people involved with the cooking and money handling. With a personal chef that’s one person, purchasing food, cooking, and handling transactions. All the while reducing your time in places like the grocery store or other densely populate places.

You’ll likely save money. While the services do cost money, we find that you'll probably find yourself saving money in the long run. Did you know the average household throws away roughly 31.9 percent of its food away because of food waste! That's 31.9% of your money that you won't be putting in the trash because we'll keep a close eye on that. Also the average American spends 3,000$ in going out to eat and most of that is on fast food for convenience, we have the convenience covered, with food that is going to taste better and be healthier. When compared to eating out at a decent restaurant, which is the quality we will strive to meet or surpass each time, the cost comparison isn’t even close. I’m fairly certain we at The Cowboy Chef are one of the first personal chef’s striving to make it economical because I truly believe everyone deserves quality food. During this uncertain time saving money is definitely a care about we recognize.

It's yours! Its more convenient and customizable than anything else available. If you have a diet, we can meet those needs, health restrictions, aversions, likes, it doesn’t matter we can make sure the food is tailored to that. We can even tailor the food based on how much time you have available. And even further we can have a discussion with you on what you want to see on the plate next. Try doing that anywhere else “hey I want to see the general manager or chef”… “I’d like you to cook some elk next week and par cook it so I can have it in five minutes or less”.

Try and Learn New Things! Chef’s are constantly studying their craft and there is nothing more enjoyable then sharing that with others. If there is something you have been wanting to try but not sure adding it to you weekly meal is the way to go. See something you want to cook yourself ask us how, want to know more about ingredient ask, like I said we love to share. Or if you prefer check out our class option.

Only the Best for you and the environment! We know what good ingredient look, smell, and taste like we also worry about things you may but most likely don’t think about, like where your food comes from does it have health concerns attached to it, is it sustainable. Is the cost reasonable for this season, is it in season? All this and more rolls around in a Chef’s brain the same way you are a professional in whatever skill set you have. You just think differently and, in more detail, then others in that given field.

You’re supporting a small business!

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