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Note: We are currently in the processes of changing to a delivery program for weekly services to make the program available to more people. The Current System is full but please go ahead and contact us so we can let you know when the new program is available expected  by 5/7

What is it?

The weekly meal preparation service is ideal for busy on-the-go individuals or families that need the extra hand in the kitchen. Let a personal chef take care of it. This service includes 8 meals prepared to restaurant quality standards but will be only minutes away from being finished so you can continue on with your busy life, maybe sneak in that extra family time or the extra night out. It also includes cleaning of the kitchen and appliances. We even make sure the refrigerator is cleaned an organized before we leave. We also take care of the grocery shopping not just for the meals we prepare for the week but also if you have anything other food items you want us to pick up while we at the store, no problem. Again were here to help save time. 

How does it work?

Just give us a call or email and we will contact you to schedule an initial meeting. During the initial meeting well go over food allergies or aversions, and your nutritional goals. We find out the foods that get you excited. We also find out where you like to shop and what you'd like to spend on food. We will even discuss the farmers markets, farmers and ranchers we're working with, and specialty shops we will be going to each week to see if you are interested.  Will use that information to develop a weekly menu, yes, well keep it changing and fresh and with the seasons.

Then we will discuss a schedule, what time you want us in your home to prepare the meals. By law we are required to do the bulk of the cooking in a clients home. We can do this while someone is there or while you are at work. We aren't camera shy so feel free to keep the security cameras rolling if you wish, and we are happy to give out information to run background checks on the chefs. We will also discuss if this a service that you want every week, biweekly, or monthly.

Next we'll gather your groceries and ingredients. You will pay the grocery reimbursement bill and pay the service charge. As a note we are happy to work with multiple families to do bulk purchasing and reduce the overall grocery bill. 

Then well get to work, well prepare the meal, write up instructions to reheat or finish each meal, usually no more than 5 minutes on your part. Clean and sanitize the kitchen. 


We use standard charges based on the number of person per household based on basic menus. We consider vegan, vegetarian, allergy conscious diets and gluten free diets all as standard menu options for pricing purposes . Diets that require complex nutrition research may require additional charges or families/groups that have vastly different diets where a simple substitution can not be made.


Individual: $125

Couple/family of 3: $150

Families over 4 people: $200

*for families we are only considering two adults and children. If there are more than two adults in the household it is 25$ per person over the two.

** Price subject to change with monthly notice to existing customers

Obviously each individual or family grocery bill will vary each week but we can give you weekly averages in the Denver Metro that we have been seeing lately which are slightly higher than the national average:

1 Person: $125.00 per week

2 People: $157.50 per week

3 People: $205.00 per week

4 People: $230.00 per week

While the services do cost money, we find that you'll probably find yourself saving money in the long run. Did you know the average household throws away roughly 31.9 percent of its food away because of food waste! That's 31.9% of your money that you won't be putting in the trash because we'll keep a close eye on that. Also the average American spends 3,000$ in going out to eat and most of that is on fast food for convenience, we have the convenience covered, with food that is going to taste better and be healthier (if thats your goal ;-) )!

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